Creative Fitness Programs on Long Island to Challenge Yourself in 2022

fitness programs
SOUND Body & Mind in Huntington

Kick off the new year with fun and creative fitness programs that can get you in tip-top shape and give your self-esteem a boost, too. Fitness gurus agree that a unique workout may be just the motivation you need to take your health to the next level in 2022.

An obstacle athletics fitness program, while unconventional, is a superior way for kids and adults to achieve a total body workout, says Kevin LaPlatney, owner and head coach of Obstacle Athletics in Deer Park. “Using the most basic exercise equipment in conjunction with physical obstacles to climb, hang, or balance on, our fitness routine is entirely functional and undoubtedly fun,” he says. With the motto of “Overcome anything,” participants of all ages and fitness levels are given the tools to improve their physical stamina and strength as well as their mental state. “We encourage that new confidence that comes with it, and will keep building on it,” notes LaPlatney.

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga allows you to stretch and flex your way to health and fitness. “Being upside down, supported by an [antigravity] hammock, helps lengthen your ligaments, relax your muscles, and decompress your spine,” says Adam Levy, owner of Huntington-based SOUND Body & Mind. Benefits of antigravity inversions include increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain, relaxation from calming of the nervous system, and improved core strength and balance, he notes. Aerial Yoga has additional unique benefits that traditional practice on the mat may not accomplish. “The act of pulling yourself up into the hammock as well as during other transitions is a great way to keep your shoulders balanced and healthy in both pulling and pressing,” says Levy.

“Unleash your inner power,” with Pole-dancing, Sexy Stilettos, and Chairography dance and fitness programs, says Natasha Kosnac, CEO and president of Dream Dance Fitness, Inc. in East Meadow. These liberating, sensual workouts enable participants to escape their comfort zone and enhance their physical and mental health. Utilizing professional industry-grade, pole-dance poles that hold up to 7,000 pounds, and dance floors to ensure safety, individuals “come together to feel free, embody their fierceness, have fun, and learn dance technique, without the criticism,” according to the website. Break a sweat and increase self-love, says Kosnac. “When you conquer and work on these movements, it allows for a body and mind connection, giving you a little more confidence with every step!”

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