Melville’s Spectronics Corp. Leads in Leak-detecting Technology

Courtesy Spectronics Corporation via spectroline.com

Many different industries nationwide rely on leak-detection dyes and UV-lamp technology to find leaks or faults in their equipment. For quality products in this area, companies turn to Melville-based Spectronics Corporation.

Spectronics invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955 and has been selling to clients in a variety of markets ever since. The industries that Spectronics manufactures for include heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, industrial, aviation, automobile manufacturing, construction safety, and many other specialty markets. 

“Spectronics is now the largest manufacturer in the world of ultraviolet lighting equipment and fluorescent dyes,” says Spectronics President Jon Cooper in a promotional video. “We offer a much larger selection of products than any of our competitors.”

Cooper says the company produces more than 1,000 products for more than 100 different markets. The dyes get poured into the specific machine or system a company works with, and then a UV lamp is used to detect leaks or faults within that system, according to Spectronics’ website.

Spectronics has been family owned for three generations over more than six decades. It owns the patent for fluorescent leak detection dyes and has passed its expertise down for more than 65 years. All products are made at its Long Island manufacturing facility.

“Spectronics is all about manufacturing right here on Long Island,” Cooper says. “And to do so we’ve made tremendous investments in our equipment and our facilities and infrastructure. So it’s all about bringing manufacturing within our facility and keeping jobs right here in New York. I’m very proud of how far this family-owned business has come, and the future is very bright.”

“Quality has always been a huge driving force to Spectronics,” adds John Duerr, director of product development. “It’s been the ultimate goal here. It’s something we do not skimp on.”

Spectronics products can be found at hardware and industrial retailers such as W.W. Grainger, United Refrigeration, Fastenal Company, Kaman Industrial Technologies, and more.

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