Tips for Living Your Best Life With Good Health and No Regrets

your best life
Walking is great for the mind and body
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Living your best life is what most of us aspire to accomplish. But how do we do that? According to these experts, being mindful of your mind, body and, soul can help you achieve a full and rewarding life with little to no regrets.

To enjoy a body that is physically strong and healthy, strive to be active throughout your entire life, says Anna Marjanovic, certified personal fitness trainer at East Northport-based Anna Marjanovic Fitness LLC. “Whatever movement you choose, your body will thank you,” she says. “Exercise will improve your energy levels, stress levels, sleep, help you to maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your muscles and bones, and so much more.”

Walking is great for the mind and body. “You can make it fun by walking to new locations, seeing pretty views, listening to music or the sounds of the birds,” says Marjanovic. Aim for 10,000 steps a day, she suggests. Whichever fitness regime you choose, make it fun. “Try something new to find what you love!”

It’s OK to occasionally stray from your routine, says Marjanovic. “Enjoy nights out with friends, long walks on a beach, ice cream on a date night, early morning strength-training workouts. “Find a balance that works for you.”

Prevention is the key to living well, notes Jeanine DiAngelo, C.N., C.T.T., nutritionist and thermography technician at Long Island based-Better Body Thermography. Start with the essentials. “Water flushes toxins out of the body, reduces inflammation, reduces cravings and curbs the appetite.” While eating, take it slow. This allows for proper digestion, says DiAngelo, which “is essential for optimal health.”

While toxins exist all around us, reducing our intake is possible, notes DiAngelo. Avoid using plastic bottles; opt for stainless steel, copper, or glass, she advises. “If you do choose to use plastic, make sure the bottle is BPA-free as this is the chemical in plastic that is harmful to the body.”

By keeping your priorities in check, you can focus on what matters most, says Lorraine Miller, Northport-based spiritual health coach, author, and speaker. Surround yourself with hobbies, friends, and other things that bring you joy and make you feel grateful. When life throws you a curve ball, “always look for silver linings, like meeting new people or getting support from friends and family, and focus on those things rather than dwelling on the negative,” she advises.

It’s important to not only practice gratitude but to document it, too, says Miller. “Research shows that keeping a daily gratitude journal can lower the effects of stress, improve your health, and increase happiness by 20-25%. When done regularly, this mindset tool rewires your brain to see the good in every situation – even your failures, hardships, and mistakes – and help you stay positive through difficult times.”