Greenport’s Anker Serves Up Its Kasutori Martini in Style

Anker’s kasutori martini

When it comes to a martini, imbibers can be somewhat picky. Many prefer vodka instead of gin. Others prefer their martinis extra dirty (with added olive brine). And some won’t drink a martini unless the olives are stuffed with blue cheese. Whatever your preference is, give Anker’s kasutori martini a chance.

“A martini is the best first drink of the night and is one of the best pairings for the raw bar, and Anker’s raw bar is as good as it gets,” says Rob Krueger, a beverage consultant for Anker, a local seasonal American seafood restaurant and market located in Greenport. “We wanted to have a martini that would satisfy classic martini drinkers but bring some more unusual aromatics, as well as oceany notes, so that you are ready to dive in to your experience.”

Kasutori martini’s ingredients include Haku Vodka, a Japanese vodka made by Suntory; A Land of Muses gin, made locally at Matchbox Distilling; Dolin Blanc Vermouth, a lightly bittersweet aromatized wine from Chambery, France; and Barbadillo Fino Sherry, which can be described as nutty, briny, and very dry.

“[The cocktail is] a perfect pairing for Anker’s raw bar offerings,” he says. “It’s at the intersection of a Vesper-style martini and a Gibson. It’s crisp, cool, and sophisticated.”

To make the cocktail, combine the ingredients in a mixing glass with an ice cube, and stir until cold. Then, strain the liquid into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a nori-pickled onion and a lemon twist. 

“It’s culinarily driven and classic at the same time,” Krueger says. “There’s nothing more iconic than a martini, yet the kasutori martini uses innovative ingredients to match a flavor profile that’s ideal for the start of a meal, especially with the food offerings at Anker. It’s a great first step into the culinary and cocktail menus.”

Anker is located at 47 Front St., Greenport. It can be reached at ankerny.com or 631-477-1300.