Find the Best Decorated Houses on Long Island Using This Holiday Lights Map

holiday lights
Screenshot of LI Lights Map

It’s the time of year to drive around and admire all the holiday lights and decorations. But how can you find which houses on Long Island have the best displays?

Commack resident Jonathan Dignam has made it simple. Around 2015, he created a map that he continuously updates with houses that are lit up for Christmastime. Since then, he’s become somewhat of an expert, as people from across the Island constantly give him tips about the best spots to go. 

“The best part of this is chatting with so many people and seeing all different kinds of houses. It’s really cool,” Dignam told the Press. “I love connecting with the community. I get a lot of compliments from people who say their kids love using the map. As a family, you definitely want things to be easier, so with this, you just click on the bulb, you hit navigate, and you go.”

holiday lights
109 Glen Summer Rd., Holbrook

The holiday lights map has a corresponding spreadsheet where light display seekers can filter by town or county. Dignam also has an online form where Long Islanders can verify if a home is lit up or not to keep the list accurate.

The map has between 400 and 500 houses listed, including 46 that Dignam has marked as “top displays.” He also marks which houses have light shows, which he considers a display of animated pixel lights synchronized with music.

To view the LI Lights Map, click here. To view the spreadsheet, click here. In addition, Dignam posts tips for finding holiday lights displays in Long Island neighborhoods on the LI Lights Map Facebook page.