Something to Wine About: 2021 Aperture Chenin Blanc

Aperture Chenin Blanc

Something to Wine About: 2021 Aperture Chenin Blanc

For many wine drinkers white is not the color of wine they want to indulge in over the winter months. But, as the winter comes to a close, and the white stuff on the ground has been blessedly absent, there are whites that can help make a beautiful transition from winter to spring. The 2021 Aperture Chenin Blanc from California is just such a white.

Chenin blanc is a grape varietal most often thought of as hailing from the Loire Valley of France. But it is grown in many areas around the world, with the Long Island region producing a phenomenal Chenin blanc from Paumanok Vineyards. Chenin blanc is a beautiful grape that can easily create both dry and sweet wines with every degree of sweetness in between.

The 2021 Aperture Chenin Blanc is technically dry, with an alcohol content of 12%, but the fruit forward flavors can easily win over sweet wine lovers. There are notes of honey, honeysuckle, peach cobbler, and apricot. It is balanced with wonderful fresh acidity on the finish.

It pairs well with chicken, ham, pork, fish, appetizers, and cheesecake. It is aged for six months in 80% stainless-steel barrels and in 20% neutral French oak. This process produces a lovely smooth mouth feel. This is an elegantly structured wine that one can also enjoy on its own.

The 2021 Aperture Chenin Blanc retails for $35, but drinks well above this price point, and would be a welcome addition to any Easter meal. The lovely bottle with the lavender leaf on the label on the bottle even calls to mind spring.