Something to Wine About: 2020 Broken Land Brooklyn Oenology

orange wine

Looking to try something both ancient and unique? Look no further than 2020 Broken Land Brooklyn Oenology, an orange wine.

A brief history of orange wine: orange wine has roots dating back thousands of years to regions in the current day Republic of Georgia. In the last 20 years orange wine has experienced a rebirth. Orange wine is produced from white wine grapes with skin contact. Rose is produced from red wine grapes and skin contact. But that is where any similarity ends. Orange wine has longer skin contact than rose and that contact imparts much more than just a tint of color. That contact gives orange wine strong, structured tannins and a robust bold taste. Tasting notes for an orange wine are quite different that red, white, or rose. Words like sour, funk, or notes of bruised apple are not unexpected. It is suggested that orange wine be served chilled, though some suggest it be served less chilled than white wine. 

Broken Land, the English translation of “Breuckelen,” the original Dutch name for Brooklyn, is created by Long Island winemaker Alie Shaper. Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Sauvignon Blanc are the varietals present in this wine, but don’t look for the expected flavors of any of these wines. Instead, one might taste orange zest, nuts, and saffron. This wine is reminiscent of cognac. Pairing suggestions on its website from Chronicle Wines are pork, robust fish, squash, pasta with white sauce, melon with figs and prosciutto, roasted vegetables, or medium-bodied cheeses. But don’t rule out dark chocolate. Serving suggestion is to serve less chilled than white wine, but this wine is savory and bold. So savory and bold it sips delightfully over ice. The ice slightly softens the tannins. Orange wine can also be used to create wine cocktails. 

The 2020 Broken Land Brooklyn Oenology retails for $30. 

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