Disgraced Republican Rep. George Santos Will Run for Re-election in 2024

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Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., leaves a House GOP conference meeting on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Jan. 25, 2023. Federal authorities are investigating a military veteran’s claim that Santos raised $3,000 for life-saving surgery for his pet dog several years ago, then never turned over the money for the animal’s care, according to a published report.
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Disgraced Republican Rep. George Santos Will Run for Re-election in 2024

Rep. George Santos (R-Nassau/Queens) will run for re-election in New York’s 3rd congressional district, the disgraced U.S. representative announced on Monday.

Santos, who is infamous for lying his way into Congress, Tweeted about his bid for re-election Monday afternoon. The post included a link to donate to his campaign and a photo of a news release, saying his campaign is about “taking back our country and restoring greatness back to New York.

“I was elected to fulfill my campaign promises of securing our border, lowering the high cost of living, solving the disastrous SALT issue in our tax code, and fighting the Hochul crime crisis of policies…,” he said in a statement. “I’ve been in office 100 days, and through legislation and my votes, I’ve already made significant efforts to honor those promises.”

Santos already has a Republican primary challenger in Kellen Curry, a 37-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran who lives in Long Island City, who has called Santos “the most ineffective member of Congress.”

“New Yorkers have an opportunity to stand with us and send a loud and clear message from the North Shore of Long Island to our friends in Queens: We Demand Honest Leadership,” Kellen said in a statement in response to Santos’ announcement. “Honesty, character, and integrity are on the ballot in 2024. Effective representation is on the ballot in 2024. Holding elected officials accountable is on the ballot in 2024.”

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Left: Nassau County Leg. Josh Lafazan (Photo by Ethan Marshall/QNS); Right: Rep. George Santos (Photo by Patrick Semansky/AP)

On the Democratic side, Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan confirmed that he will run for the seat in Congress again. He lost the 2022 Democratic primary to Robert Zimmerman, who went on to lose to Santos in November 2022.

Lafazan has been one of Santos’ most vocal opponents since a Dec. 21, 2022 New York Times article first revealed Santos as a liar. Ahead of Santos’ re-election announcement on Monday, Lafazan held a news conference outside Santos’ district office in Douglaston, Queens.

“George Santos is a liar, a fraud, and a failure,” Lafazan said. “New York’s 3rd Congressional district deserves an honest Congressman willing to put our district first. Santos must resign now, and end this national embarrassment he created.”

Days earlier, Lafazan and Santos had a war of words on Twitter stemming from Lafazan Tweeting for Santos to resign.

“You are beneath the office you hold,” Lafazan wrote to Santos. “And I can’t wait to replace you in Congress, in 2024 or sooner.”