Michael N. Rosenblut is Leading Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation Into the Future

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Michael Rosenblut

Michael N. Rosenblut is Leading Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation Into the Future

As President and Chief Executive Officer of New Hyde Park-based Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, Michael N. Rosenblut administers one of the region’s largest skilled nursing facilities for older adults.

Under Rosenblut’s aegis, Parker developed community health divisions to address the continuum of care, through social model day care, certified home-health agency care and hospice programs. He has led progressive clinical, management and environmental initiatives, including new programs in wound care, pain management, palliative care and behavior modification, an award-winning technological infrastructure overhaul, and comprehensive building renovation and modernization.

Rosenblut launched Parker’s Integrated Emergency COVID-Response Campaign in the pandemic’s earliest days. During the COVID-19 outbreak, skilled nursing facilities were Ground Zero. As information and health mandates changed rapidly, Parker’s leadership was in constant communication, driving new policies ahead of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Health protocols.

This enabled Parker to relay urgent messages to multiple audiences: Families, workers, donors, vendors, partners and the public — all in real time.

“As we continue to fight COVID-19, Parker stands resolute in protecting our community — our residents and patients, our dedicated, compassionate team members, and their families,” Rosenblut said. “We remain resilient and focused in these extraordinary times. With the vaccine now available,
we are optimistic, but still prepared to make each day better for our region no matter what comes our way.”

Parker remains prepared to win the fight against COVID-19 no matter what comes next. Rosenblut has been a driving force in making the COVID-19 vaccine available, via federal and state protocols, to Parker’s residents, patients and staff. And through regular communication to members of the Parker community, Rosenblut ensures that they have most current information as it becomes available.

In fighting the virus under Rosenblut’s direction, Parker installed some of the most advanced safety measures available. Parker launched a nonstop testing operation, devoting an entire team to test all staff weekly. The staff is armed with a robust supply of Personal Protective Equipment, provided by Parker, to stay safe. Prominent signage is posted throughout the building, reminding team members to wear the correct PPE.

With Rosenblut’s leadership, Parker added digital turnstiles to its entrance, automatically scanning staff IDs and measuring temperatures, enabling the Institute to maintain physical and health security via contactless technology. Parker invested in a virus-killing ultraviolet light system for its HVAC units. And the Institute upgraded its generator system to ensure that the power is always on, which is especially critical during COVID-19.

Early in the pandemic, Rosenblut led Parker to establish its Family Call Center in which staff members communicate regularly with family members, connecting them to additional information and resources as needed.

These projects follow Parker’s newly launched Infection Control Patrol, a multidisciplinary team, guided by Mr. Rosenblut, that makes rounds throughout the facility’s care areas, ensuring that staff members are complying with the Institute’s meticulous standards.

Prior to COVID, Mr. Rosenblut led the planning and development of the Renal Institute, a 15-station chronic dialysis center, and launched Lakeville Ambulette Transportation. He is the founding chairman of the board of managers for AgeWell New York, a licensed Managed Long Term Care Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan in New York State.

Previously the executive vice president and chief operating officer, and then acting CEO of the Institute, Rosenblut played a crucial role in developing culturally sensitive health care services and programs, including the first-of-its-kind Indian Cultural Unit and an Asian adult day health care program.

He helped shape a patient outreach program firmly integrated into the region’s civic, religious and community fabric. And he catalyzed Parker’s leadership in collaborative labor management projects, including quality improvement training, certified nursing assistant mentoring, and cost containment forums.

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Michael Rosenblut with robot

We spoke with Rosenblut about the latest from Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation.

What is your vision for Parker today? Our vision at the Parker Jewish Institute is to continue to serve our clients and more, throughout the New York City Metropolitan area, each day. We serve the community, by our current and future programs, to be deployed.

How is the company structured to provide services for the elderly? The Parker Jewish Institute is structured by division, with many team members cross-trained, so that we can support patients/residents/clients, at the Parker Jewish Institute. Internal communications is the major key for us, each day, at the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation. By having team members effectively communicate, we are able to increase our patient/resident/client clinical results/
satisfaction, for potential successes.

Can you tell us some success stories of patients? My most memorable success story is about a resident who was with us for many years, prior to passing away at age 104. She had tremendous energy. During one of her birthday celebrations, after she turned 100-plus, several of us visited with her. While we were speaking with her, she literally “jumped out of bed” to show us a picture of her family. She was a tremendous person in my eyes and will always be remembered by me.

What do you do for fun? Seriously, relaxing is difficult for me. Spending time with my family is most important to me, when not at work.

Can you tell us about your family? I have been married since 2000 to Hedy and our twins, Lucy and Joshua, just turned 19 and completed their first year of college. All three of my family members are an inspiration to me.