Dead Shark Washes Ashore At Robert Moses Beach

Dead Shark 1
Credit: Rick Weinstock/Atlantic Beach Manager/Lifeguard

In the latest occurrence of shark activity on Long Island this summer, a six-foot dead shark washed ashore on Robert Moses Beach’s Field 5 early Wednesday morning.

According to reports, it was a sand tiger shark, one of Long Island’s resident shark species — not to be confused with the much larger and more aggressive tiger shark.

Sand tiger sharks are the species you can view at the Long Island Aquarium.

Following the dead shark washing up, there were two more potential shark sightings at Robert Moses — one at Field 5, the other at Field 4.

As a result, swimming is prohibited at both beaches.

Shark Activity on Long Island in 2023

Shark activity has been high enough on Long Island this summer for Governor Hochul to address it.

Earlier this year, the state announced a shark surveillance program which consisted of using technology such as drones and personal watercraft as well as training beach officials to watch for sharks.

In July, Governor Hochul announced that 60 new drones would be given to Nassau County to keep an eye on sharks, after a span of five shark bites within a two day period.

How To Avoid A Shark Bite

Experts have said that the increased activity means the environment is doing well — but still cautioned swimmers on how to stay safe.

Key tips include swimming during the day as opposed to dawn or dusk as well as avoiding murky water, schools of fish, diving birds, and seals.

Shark 2
Photo by Mark Conlin.