Here Are The Horoscopes For The Month Of October 2023

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Here are horoscopes from the October 2023 edition of the Long Island Press.

October Horoscopes

Aries – Religion and philosophy can preoccupy your mind and you may rise to lofty professional heights. Educational pursuits may be delayed or difficult to obtain. 

Taurus – You may be driven by the need to explore and understand hidden mysterious matters such as the occult. This need to know can be pursued deliberately or obsessively.

Gemini – Close relationships, usually marriage, become a focus of attention with this placement. Your relationship may be difficult, delayed or even threatened, yet there is an overwhelming need for other people in your life.

Cancer – Work will be the dominant force in your life now which may be service oriented. Your health may suffer due to overwork. Take a well-deserved rest toward the end of the month. 

Leo – Your own creative efforts or the needs of your children direct the course of your life this month, often at the expense of your personal freedom. Suggest to them ways of gaining more independence from you for the sake of their own growth.

Virgo – Matters of the home will occupy your attention. You may be introspective and withdrawn and the needs at home may conflict with your personal desires. That’s fine but you must provide a firm foundation for those dependent on you.   

Libra – A new project at your job will force you to communicate using all your mental faculties. You may feel inadequate for the task since there may be obstacles to education. Don’t worry; your charm will get you through. 

Scorpio – You must deal with the material world although you may feel limited financially. No matter how much wealth you accumulate, money matters will dominate your life right now.  

Sagittarius – You will be forced to take on responsibility both for yourself and for others. You may lack self-confidence, but you must bury your insecurities and assume a mantle of leadership.   

Capricorn – Misunderstandings in your life force you to explore the depths of the human soul. You may become involved with an institution or group that does just that. 

Aquarius – You will be forced to function with groups and organizations and possibly be thrust into a position of leadership. You may feel uncomfortable in this social atmosphere, preferring a more secluded way of life.  

Pisces – You will be forced into the public eye. There will be a high level of achievement at the expense of personal desires. Ethical conduct must be maintained otherwise you risk a fall from prominence.