Restore Hyper Wellness Opens Location In Westbury

Restore 1
Photo: Business Wire

Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore), a provider of proactive wellness services, recently opened a location in Westbury.

It is the latest addition to the Level 5 Be Well brand.

Restore is officially located at 1018 Old Country Road #A in Garden City, not far from Roosevelt Field.

Restore addresses the fastest growing segments of wellness, helping people looking to manage persistent pain, defy the signs of aging, boost athletic performance, and dial up their natural defenses.

It offers guidance from specialized experts, nurses, and the oversight of independent physicians.

One of the services offered at Restore Hyper Wellness is whole body cryotherapy – a cold therapy which immerses the body in temperatures as low as -165 degrees F for up to three minutes.

This modality may help the body to promote healing, boost mood and energy, optimize sleep, and defy the signs of aging.

Other services offered at Restore include: IV Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Compression, Infrared Sauna, Biomarker Assessments, HydraFacials, and Cryoskin treatments.

Restore Westbury’s general manager Kate Martino grew up on Long Island and worked previously at Restore’s location in Woodbury. Martino was considering her next step with Restore when she learned about the opening in Westbury and decided to seize the opportunity to be general manager.

“From the replenishing effects of IV Drips, particularly post-travel, to red light therapy, which delivers the mood-enhancing benefits of a day on the beach without the risk of harmful rays, Restore offers a wide range of services to help those of all fitness levels do more of what they love,” Martino said in a news releas. “We can’t wait to introduce our approach to proactive wellness to the Westbury community.”