What Is The Best Art Gallery On Long Island?

Emily Eisen with her painting “Silent Night,” which is on exhibit at The Firefly Artists’ co-operative gallery in Northport (Photo by Alan Pearlman)

As the art scene on Long Island continues to evolve, there are many galleries that showcase the diverse nature of art. Whether showcasing rising talents or established artists, art galleries are where we go to enjoy what these talented artists have to offer. So, what is the best art gallery on Long Island?

In the 2023 Bethpage Best of Long Island Contest, Long Island voted The Firefly Artists in Northport for Best Art Gallery!

If you haven’t checked out The Firefly Artists in Northport yet, you really should. Situated right on Main Street, The Firefly Artists have been showcasing the works of local artists since 2011.

Each month, the gallery highlights a different exhibition over a vast array of mediums and subject matters. The gallery’s goal is to create a space where artists can meet, collaborate, and sell their beautiful creations all in one place.

The gallery has displayed the works of more than 200 Long Island artists and assisted in sales so artists can make a living while they hone their craft.

When you purchase an artist’s work at The Firefly Artists, not only are you supporting that artist directly but you are keeping the gallery’s vision alive. Plus, the gallery hosts regular workshops where the public can learn and grow through art as well.