Who Is The Best Tattoo Artist On Long Island?

A tattoo artist at work (Photo by Michael Deschenes)

Tattoos are a form of art. It’s essentially inking your skin with an idea or message that you want to keep for the rest of your life. Tattoos have become more accepted over the years, and with that, many parlors have been popping up as well. There are several here on Long Island, but when you’re committing to something as permanent as this, you want the best to do the job.

So with all that said, who is the best tattoo artist on Long Island?

In the 2023 Bethpage Best of Long Island Contest, voters once again chose Lark Tattoo!

This is Lark Tattoo’s 12th consecutive Best of Long Island win for Best Tattoo Parlor, which is no easy task! Lark Tattoo has called Long Island home for over two decades, and with each passing year, continues to amass a loyal, multi-generational, clientele. Lark Tattoo has assembled a group of highly-skilled artists, who create wearable works of art for its clients.

Whatever your tattoo, they have an artist specializing in the unique style of tattooing required, and work with you to bring the tattoo of your dreams, out of your head, and on to your body.

The shop is clean, sterilized, and simultaneously has a welcoming, and calming atmosphere.

Their counter staff provide a high-level of customer service that is seldom seen! Book your free tattoo consultation, and find out why Long Islanders continue to declare Lark Tattoo as Long Island’s preeminent tattoo shop!