American Made Baseball Company: Keeping the Pastime Where It Belongs

Courtesy Charles Galiano

Baseball is the great American pastime, and making sure that it stayed here was one of former professional player Charles Galiano’s goals when he founded American Made Baseball Company (AMBC).

AMBC, based out of the B.E.A.S.T. Sports Complex in Huntington, re-manufactures worn baseballs, restitching and replacing the leather covers of the baseballs.

“As the baseball gets used, the interior gets better, actually,” Galiano told the Press. “Just the cover gets worn, but the baseball gets stronger – it gets harder and has a higher velocity. It’s a shame to see them thrown out.”

Galiano, a native of Commack who was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers before retiring from playing due to injury, is not new to the baseball product industry. In 2020, he started C25, creating new types of weighted baseball to help catchers, the position Galiano had played as, train. But with C25, Galiano became disturbed with the way baseball products are handled.

“Baseball is the American pastime,” Galiano continued. “But I couldn’t believe how reliant we were on foreign countries for basically everything we need. I wanted to make sure that baseballs were American-made, or at least American-maintained. Every piece of baseball gear should say ‘Made in America’ on it.”

AMBC strips worn down worn baseballs, keeping the interior as is, and restitches them. They also offer custom brands and prints for baseballs and other types of gear such as gloves and bats. 

While Galiano says they’ll work with anyone who needs to get their baseball re-manufactured, their primary market appears to be training facilities, as they largely remanufacture baseballs for B.E.A.S.T. 

Galiano said he hopes to see the company establish themselves at training facilities across America.

​​”We see ourselves basically planting ourselves in every facility across America,” Galiano said “We have the ability for facilities to create something that was a liability, like paying for baseballs once they get worn out.”