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13 Rescued Pets Waiting To Be Adopted on Long Island

There are so many gorgeous guys and gals available for adoption at your local shelters. Check out this amazing array of awesome cats and dogs ready to go home with you today!


Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

Locally rescued, Zenith (MA3510) is a lovely young feline that arrived as a frightened kitten, but once she learned she was safe, Zenith grew to enjoy the company of other calm cats and humans. She would do best if her first home is one with someone experienced with cats to help her transition.   


Dozer (E3137), known as the spotted wonder dog, is a real survivor. Animal League America rescued him from the ravages of Hurricane Florence and our top-notch veterinary staff treated his orthopedic issues and painful skin condition.

He’s been making a dramatic recovery but faced one more challenge: Dozer is deaf. But he is so smart. Our special boy has already learned hand signals for basic commands such as “Come,” “Sit,” and “Down,” and responds to the “Thumbs Up” signal that means “Good Job” (he knows that means a treat.) 

This American Bulldog/Boxer mix is walking nicely on a leash. Dozer can’t wait to find a home of his own with an experienced adopter while he continues to heal. Our pet behaviorists will teach his family how to keep him mentally stimulated until he is ready to run and play at top speed again and will provide six (6) complimentary training sessions at our Port Washington campus. 

For more info about adopting Zenith and Dozer, please email MikeS@animalleague.org


Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

This little orphaned Annie is a young, beautiful calico, surrendered because her elderly owner could no longer care for her. She is friendly and super sweet. Annie was in a home with a dog and did well. She will make a great addition to any family! It’s easy to adopt Annie, simply contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 today!


Available for adoption at Bideawee:

Tricia is a bold and brilliant beauty, who truly stands apart from the crowd! Boasting a fantastic honey and caramel brindle coat, shinning golden eyes, and a large, pink tongue, she is impossible to miss. Truly spirited and gung-ho for life, she is ready to adventure, play, or jog at the drop of a hat! A genuine social butterfly, she also loves making friends, and saying hello to everyone who crosses her path. Tricia is seeking an equally jubilant home, with mature adopters that share in her active lifestyle, who love to be on the go! Tricia also loves to learn, so any obedience-savvy family that will continue to teach her tricks and cues are idyllic. bideawee.org/Pet/39278368


Chicklet is a very handsome 7-year-old fella that everyone adores. Donning a fantastic brindle coat, warm eyes and a sweet disposition, Chicklet is truly a gem. While mature, he is still silly and playful, and has a spirited heart! Not to mention, he is full of love and affection for people. He may be 77 pounds, but he is a true gentle giant, and is just a darling with everyone he meets. He is well-mannered and is already housebroken; all he is missing now is the home to call his own.  bideawee.org/Pet/39500720


This gorgeous little boy is named Chestnut. He is simply too cute for words! Boasting a gorgeous cream-colored coat, golden eyes, and a little pink nose, he is just fantastic. Bashful, but sweet and tender-hearted, Chestnut is seeking a mature, gentle family to call his own. In return he promises you a lifetime of love and friendship. bideawee.org/Pet/40171522


Adorable little Giblet boasts a gorgeous cream coat, bright eyes and an adorable wee nose! Spirited, sweet and sassy, Giblet possesses all the loveliness of your classic, quintessential kitten! He is seeking an equally wonderful family to call his own for the holidays. If Giblet sounds like your perfect match, then call the Adoption Center today! bideawee.org/Pet/40171542  

For more information about adopting Tricia, Chicklet, Chestnut or Giblet, please contact Bideawee adoption center located at 118 Old Country Rd., Westhampton, or call 631-684-0079.


Available for adoption at Little Shelter:

Veruca is a 9-year-old Chihuahua mix who is looking for her second chance at a furever home. She’s a sweet girl who loves finding soft places to curl up and take a nap. She likes to be the center of attention at all times and demands affection from staff and handlers. This spunky little girl enjoys going for short walks and playing in the grass. Let’s be honest, Veruca is a cool girl with a very cool name…head down and adopt her before someone else does!


Emilia is a super friendly cat who is just looking for someone who wants to be her best friend. She LOVES people and follows staff back and forth throughout the cattery looking for attention. It may be hard to believe, but this cutie pie was rescued near a train station where she was going up to people on the platform looking for attention! Right now she’s hoping Santa will hear her Christmas wish and bring her a family of her very own.

For more information about adopting Veruca and Emilia, please contact Little Animal Rescue & Adoption Center at 33 Warner Rd, Huntington, 631-368-8770.

Available for adoption at the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter:

Rollo is just as sweet as her name, she’s a really good girl who wants to always be at your side. She is quite the snuggly kitty and will sit on your lap all day. Rollo’s a master the art of relaxation Zen and is willing to teach her furever family. When not lounging in your lap, Rollo is also a very curious kitty who likes exploring her surroundings or trying to help with whatever you are doing. She loves treats and will “beg” for turkey from the volunteers. 


Ajax is a big mush that always wants to be the center of attention. No matter what you’re doing, he will come right up and sit in front of you so that you’ll pet him. He’ll follow you around and weave between your legs or grab at your pants with his paw.  Once he gets the affection he wants, he’ll find a sunny spot to sunbathe while keeping an eye on everything you do. If Ajax sounds like the cat for you, head down and meet him today. 

For more information about adopting Rollo and Ajax, please contact the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter located at 104 Deposit Rd, East Northport, 631-651-9788. 

Oreo and Pepper

Available for adoption through the No Kill Project:

Oreo and Pepper are 6-month-old brothers and are as lovable as they come! Initially shy, they come around quickly and become two of the biggest lovebugs around. They would love nothing more than to find a home in time for the holidays.

Because black and black and white kittens are the most overlooked pets, Oreo and Pepper are the last two siblings out of six who have not yet found their home. All six siblings were found in a very dangerous situation.

Oreo and Pepper have been neutered, microchipped, tested negative for feline leukemia and AIDS, and have been vaccinated. They are now just waiting for a home to call their own. Please email info@thenokillproject.org to inquire about these two lovable and playful kittens.


Available for adoption from Second Chance Rescue:

Poor Sweetheart has been waiting for her forever home for way to long. She was originally rescued from a yard in New Jersey, where she was abandoned. Sweetheart is adorable and very attached to people. She loves everyone she meets and is very obedient. She loves to give kisses and will sit on you (since she thinks she’s a lapdog).

Her favorite thing to do is to walk under your legs when you are sitting in a chair, and then sit right under your legs. She enjoys walks, car rides, outdoor exercise, playing fetch, and every minute of your attention she can get. All she wants is to hang out with her person.

Sweetheart doesn’t mind being dressed up and she loves her pajamas! She is gentle with treats although she is missing lots of teeth and prefers soft treats. Unfortunately, she needs to be an only pet at home, and isn’t recommended younger kids either (over 13 year old and respectful would be good!).

She knows a bunch of commands, and is house trained and crate trained too. Please consider this gal and tag a friend who mind need a new bestie. For more information, visit nycsecondchancerescue.org or email Rescue@nycsecondchancerescue.org.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

How To Handle The Holidays When Faced With Divorce or Separation


The holiday time of the year can be very difficult for families that are facing separation or divorce, especially for families with children. How you choose to deal with it can have an impact on the wellness of your children and the future negotiations between you and your spouse.  

Children generally take their lead based on the actions of their parents. Remember, it is not what you say, but what you do and what you do could wind up backfiring on you if you are not careful. The most important thing that you and your spouse can do is to put your children first and do what is in their best interest. Things to think about:

• How have you always celebrated this holiday? Whose family have you traditionally spent it with? For instance, is Christmas Day always with Mom’s family and Christmas Eve always with Dad’s family? Is the first night of Chanukah the most important to your family? This might be the way to start things off.  However, as great as old traditions are, it is great to start new traditions as well. Just because you may have always celebrated one way, doesn’t mean it isn’t time for a change.   

• Do either you or your spouse place importance on a specific part of the holiday? Some families do morning or afternoons celebrations where others meet around dinner time. Is it possible for your both to enjoy different parts of the same holiday? Always try to be flexible.

• Do you and your spouse practice the same religion and celebrate the same holidays? This can certainly make it easier and allow your children to have the best of both worlds.

• What do you think the children really want to do? While they should not be able to make this decision for you, if you know they only get to see certain extended family members during a particular holiday, will they feel cheated or upset if they don’t get to celebrate with them? How can you create new memories and traditions for them to cherish and look forward to?

• How would you feel if you only received the holiday schedule you offered to your spouse? Often times when one spouse wants all of the holidays and doesn’t want to share them, it is useful to ask them how they would feel if they were offered that very thing. Your children will thrive if given the opportunity to spend quality times with both parents. You are both transitioning from having all the holidays spent with your children (and each other), to something less. You are not the only one feeling the loss.

• Be encouraging to your children and tell them it is okay that they will not see you for this holiday, but that you will see them the next day, or the next year they will celebrate that same holiday with you. If your children know you are supportive, they will be happier.

• Can you and your spouse discuss parameters regarding holiday gift spending? The holidays can put a financial strain on any family, but it is even more difficult when you are going through a separation or divorce. Can you each work within a budget? Can you agree to contribute equally to big ticket items? You both have to remember that there was likely a budget before and it will be tighter now. Try to find ways to work together so you don’t duplicate gifts. They don’t really need an iPad for each of your homes.

The most important thing to remember is that you are both parents to these children forever. You are both going to have to work together in raising your children. That starts with sharing holidays, and will continue to sharing many future special events in your children’s lives, including sporting events, graduations, birthdays and weddings. How you behave now will have an impact on your future.

If you and your spouse need help getting through the holiday times, please feel free to call my office to schedule an appointment. 

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