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Winter (Skin) Is Coming… Or Is It? 

Jon Snow of Game of Thrones warns winter is coming

You wouldn’t know it by the weather we’ve been having lately, but the calendar doesn’t lie — winter is coming. 

As the temperatures begin to drop, the battle against the lack of moisture and dry environment begins. Just like your wardrobe, your skin care regimen should change with the weather. You can keep cracked hands, scaly, itchy legs, chapped lips at bay with a few simple steps:

1. Drink More Water. We tend to drink less water in winter months (opting for a hot cup of coco to warm up) but don’t forget your body needs hydration from the inside out. Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day (the recommended 8 glasses). Add high-water content fruit and veggies such as apples, oranges, kiwi and watery veggies such as celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and carrots into the mix. 

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. Moisturizing is an essential part of your daily skin care regimen (or it should it). But it’s even more important during the drier, colder months as moisture is whisked away leaving parched, dry skin. And remember the three-minute rule: Apply moisturizer within three minutes of bathing to trap the much-needed moisture to your skin. 

3. Aquaphor is Your New BFF. Dry, cracked feet and elbows? Peeling cuticles? Dry cheek and under-eye patches? Chapped lips? Slap on some of the miraculous gelatinous goo for an instant fix. (Need more relief? Apply generously to feet and hands and wear cotton gloves/sock to bed.)

4. Brusha Brusha Brusha. Your toothbrush is not just for brushing your teeth anymore! Use your Oral-B to remove the excess dry skin (and then apply Aquaphor!).

5. Halt the Hot Showers. How can something that feels so good be so bad for your skin? Hot water can strip the body’s natural (and needed) oils causing drier, itchier skin. It can also bring blood circulation to your skins surface, which is why your skin turns red. This can lead to itchier skin and even a rash. Do your skin a favor and opt for a lukewarm shower.

New Wave is Back, And Other Fashion Insights from Ken Downing

Ken Downing
Ken Downing is a fashion industry giant.

As a front row fixture at Fashion Week in London, Milan, Paris and here at home
in New York, Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director Ken Downing plays a pivotal
role in bringing the latest trends to the streets of Long Island.  We caught up with
him to talk about what makes fashion different from town to town, why women
need biker’s jackets and how confidence is the best accessory.

Long Island Press: What’s your style philosophy?

Ken Downing: My style philosophy has always been, and I imagine will always be, confidence is far more important than the clothes! When you feel good, you look good, it’s not about a designer, a label, a price tag, it’s about the attitude in which you wear clothes.

LIP: Some say “fashion” can be polarizing – an extravagance for the rich, the young and the thin – what do you say to that?

KD: I say, fashion is inclusive and uniting! Today what makes fashion relevant is the celebration of the individual, the great respect for personal style. I have long been an advocate of dressing for yourself, finding and developing your personal point of view.
There is no longer just one body type, no longer just one color, one height, one age, one style of hair, one religion or one gender. Fashion has embraced the importance of diversity and the celebration of individuality.

LIP: You talk to women of all ages and sizes. What’s the one thing you tell them about fashion?

KD: I am surrounded by women from all walks of life, of every age, size, every background. My message is clear: love yourself, love your body and love what you wear! It all goes back to confidence. When you feel good, you look good, you stand taller, you walk with swagger and there is always a sparkle in your eyes and in your smile.

LIP: What is your universal truth about fashion?

KD: My universal truth about fashion is simple: Dress for yourself, the world should see you first, not your clothes.

LIP: What are the top five pieces we need right now?

KD: Five things I think a woman should add to her wardrobe right now: 

A velvet bootie! Wear them morning noon and night with everything.

Something covered in sequins! A skirt, a top, a boot, a bag. A disco inferno is inspiring every designer, add some personality with shimmer and shine, day and night!

A biker jacket! Punk rock/New Wave is all the rage, it will be your go to for everything from your favorite jeans to a ball gown…. and yes, I said ball gown! 

Fish net tights! Add an edge to your favorite dress and skirts wearing this ‘80s attitude covered leg. I am obsessed!

Big, bold earrings! They’re better than Botox and immediately take off 10 years on everyone!

LIP: What hair and makeup trends are a must for this fall?

KD: Beauty for the Fall/Winter 2017 seasons takes inspiration from ‘80s influences of MTV Divas! Debbie Harry of Blondie, Madonna, Pat Benatar, the powerful voices and images that defined an era. Start with a bold lip, eyes are dark brooding and smoldering and, yes, blush is back. Nothing says ‘80s like contouring. 

Giuseppe Zanotti
Velvet Lace-Up Peep-Toe 105mm Bootie, Black
Dante Sequined Floral-Embroidered Silk Flare-Leg Pants, Black
Nour Hammour
Whiskey Star-Studded Fringed Leather Moto Jacket
Devon Leigh
Turquoise & Lapis Bezel Statement Earrings