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Freeport-based The Book Fairies Launches Month-long Read-a-Thon

Freeport-based nonprofit The Book Fairies just launched its month-long, virtual “Once Upon a Read-a-Thon” fundraiser.

Children’s Books To Read in Honor of Black History Month

This month, February, is Black History Month, a time to honor Black America. And while we do this, it is also an opportunity to educate our children about what it means to be Black and what better way than by learning through literature?

Kids Books For Your Children To Read This Holiday Break

The holiday break is the perfect time to cozy up under the blanket with a good book. If you’re looking for some new books for your kids to read during the holiday break, you’re in luck!

How To Cultivate A Child’s Love of Learning at Home

From studying a favorite author to creating a family book club and encouraging interests, there are plenty of ways parents can encourage their little ones to love learning.

Staff Picks: January, 2013

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