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OpEd: SAFE Banking Will Support Level Playing Field for NY’s Cannabis...

Having a job to afford a house and a car is the American Dream. But the American ideal of entrepreneurship is very different for a cannabis business owner.

Cannabis Compound CBD Stops Coronavirus in Test Tube, But Can it...

Early research suggesting that a popular non-psychoactive compound derived from marijuana might help prevent or treat Covid-19 warrants further investigation in rigorous clinical trials, researchers say.

Most Long Island Towns, Villages Opt Out of Allowing Legal Weed...

More than 80% of Long Island’s town, village, and city governments have voted to opt out of allowing newly legalized recreational marijuana to be sold at pot shops or cannabis cafes in their communities.

U.S. Senate Democrats Roll Out Draft Bill to Legalize Weed

Three top U.S. Democratic senators on Wednesday unveiled a discussion draft of a bill that aims to legalize cannabis, a move that would allow adult Americans to buy and possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana without facing criminal penalties.

The Future and Potential of the Cannabis Industry in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state bill to legalize marijuana on March 31, and there is an estimated $350 million in annual tax revenues that the bill would bring to New York State.

Cannabis Company Purchasing Land on North Fork for $42.5M

A fast-growing cannabis company has purchased a 34-acre property in Jamesport for a $42.5 million from Van de Wetering Greenhouses in one of the largest purchases in the burgeoning industry. It is the first known marijuana-related real estate buy on the East End since New York State legalized adult-use cannabis in March. 

420 Celebrates Marijuana, But Why? What is 420?

In marijuana enthusiasts’ circles, today is a day of special celebration. Across the country and globe, devotees of the green, leafy cannabis plant are rejoicing—and smoking—en masse.