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"This project, fully funded by the federal government, will ultimately provide massive protections for Long Beach residents and businesses."

“This project may be the single most important thing we can do to protect homeowners and the environment."

Two thirds of the barrier island's dunes will be rebuilt by this spring, but the middle part of the island may not get sand until the end of 2014.

Lawmakers say the railroad agency agreed to address issues in the East River Tunnels that have caused repeated LIRR delays.

“Now that my dream has came true, my next dream is for Canon USA to grow as a headquarters.”

Without proper lighting and broken rocks, the inlet can be treacherous for boaters at night and in the fog.

Some residents favor the idea, but not all are on board with adding more flights to the suburban airport.

The president has issued a disaster declaration for the February blizzard that crippled eastern Long Island.

In Monday's response to the report’s worst-case scenario, the Empire State’s Congressional representatives have begun to weigh in.

Passage comes 91 days after Superstorm Sandy.