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A coffee house offers a chill, relaxed environment, great for catching up with a friend or getting some work done when you need time alone to concentrate, but which is the best coffee house on Long Island?

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Done right, java can be joyful—and these Hamptons shops are doing coffee right.

U.S. Coffee Drinkers Consume as Much at Home During Pandemic, Poll...

Americans are drinking just as much coffee during the pandemic, as often as before, but at home instead of in coffee shops and restaurants, a poll released on Wednesday showed.

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A guide to Long Island's independent coffee houses.

How Much Caffeine is Too Much?

March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. With coffee, moderation is key, experts say.

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Who makes the best pizza, bagels, egg sandwiches, burgers, wings, lobster rolls, and coffee on Long Island? Best of Long Island voters have answers to the long-running fierce local culinary debates.

Who Serves The Best Coffee On Long Island?

Much like the debate over the best pizza and bagels, Long Islanders have some strong opinions over where to find the perfect cup of java.

Best of Long Island Spotlight: Top Coffee

Long Islanders are always on the go, so naturally they enjoy a cup of coffee or three to get them through the day, but where can one find the perfect java?

Aerosmith Drummer Serves New ‘Rockin” Organic Coffee in Westbury

Joey Kramer was on Long Island recently to promote his gourmet organic Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee.

Staff Picks – December 2013

Let the jazz blizzard begin.