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The 12 Step Program: A Proven Path To Recovery

The program, which many medical professionals describe as having the greatest impact on addiction, is based on 12 simple steps that anyone can practice at meetings with the help of others like them.

Vivitrol Therapy Gives Those In Recovery A Shot At Life

At the one-of-a-kind Tuesday night Shot at Life support group at St. Bernard’s Parish School in Levittown, members either are, were, or are considering getting on VivitrolTM to keep from relapsing.

Fat Joe, Rick Ross Headlining Long Island Fundraiser Concert To Help...

Recover or Die America organized the concert at the Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville on Sept. 29. Proceeds will go toward providing inpatient treatment to uninsured people suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

Peer Advocates: A New Trend in Recovery

“It’s about helping someone identify their recovery capital,” says Anthony Bryant, executive director of Great Escape Substance Abuse Training and Information.

Smithtown Drug Rehab Clinic Beats The Odds

Dr. Simon Zysman of Employee Assistance Resources Services, Inc. has more successful outcomes than other rehabs statewide, data shows. He details his method in his new book, Successful Heroin and Opioid Addition Treatment.

Quitting Smoking Ups Drug Rehab Success, Study Shows

Researchers found that people recovering from illicit drug abuse are twice as likely to be successful if they don’t smoke cigarettes.

Retracing The Road To Ruin Amid Opoid Crisis

We asked three of the busiest addiction doctors in Nassau County how they thought we, as a society, got here, to the deadliest health crisis in American history.

Drugs Don’t Fight Fair, We Can Fight Smart

Op-Ed: When we arm ourselves with the right information, hold dealers accountable, and help those suffering with addiction, we can win this fight.

Long Island Heroin Crisis Affects Us All

Nassau and Suffolk counties – a bit more in Suffolk – are leading the list of geographic areas suffering the most.

Heroin Takes Center Stage with Arrests and Federal Programs to Combat...

Both Nassau and Suffolk police said they seized large amounts of heroin in separate investigations across the Island.