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Nassau County DA Madeline Singas Declares Victory in Re-election Bid

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas declared victory Tuesday in her race for re-election to a second four-year term.

Long Island DAs Probing Disgraced NY AG

The Nassau County District Attorney was named special prosecutor in the investigation of Eric Schneiderman's alleged domestic abuse and the Suffolk DA's office is probing a related incident in the Hamptons.

Schneiderman and Singas Get Unusual Gifts for Their Reform Fight

The two crusading prosecutors were honored for fighting against corrupt government officials.

Top 15 Long Island News Stories of 2015

What a year it's been!

NY Women in Politics Talk Gains, Struggles in Breaking Glass Ceiling

“Say ‘yes’ to everything. Men do. Don’t let anyone else decide your potential.”

Singas: Voters Looked Past ‘Partisan Glasses’ in Giving Her Decisive Victory

“They (voters) wanted the best qualified person to do the job,” Singas told the Press.

Democrat Madeline Singas Declares Victory in Nassau District Attorney Race

Democrat Madeline Singas, considered the underdog in a race with far-reaching implications, declared victory over Kate Murray, her well-connected Republican challenger, in the hotly...

Long Island Voters Decide Key Races On Election Day

Voter turnout is pivotal in key match-ups across Nassau and Suffolk.

Nassau District Attorney Race: Kate Murray Versus Madeline Singas

The two women’s campaign could also be the county’s costliest contest this year.

Ex-Nassau Police Commander’s Sentence Stayed Pending New Appeal

William Flanagan is now appealing to the New York State Court of Appeals.