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Travel Ban 2.0: For Muslims & Immigrants, Outrage Gives Way To...

The various policies being put forth by the administration in the name of national security has put many people on edge. The new travel ban has not eased those tensions.

Immigrants Express Post-Election Anxiety & Fear At Community Forum

Dozens of parents told a panel of elected officials, lawyers and religious leaders that children, especially Hispanic students, are hesitant to go to school out of fear that immigration agents will pick them up.

Jews Visit Long Island Mosque to Show Support & Learn About...

The gathering provided the synagogue’s congregation the opportunity to ask questions they’ve often pondered but never sought answers to about Islam.

New York Joins Other States Challenging Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Trump’s executive actions have released a torrent of lawsuits. Washington state was the first to bring a suit against the White House, followed by Virgina and Massachusetts.

Trump Travel Ban & Quebec Mosque Attack Has Long Island Muslims...

The order inflamed what appears to be a new era of discontent in America—one defined by near-daily mass protests. It also caused confusion at airports across the country. Dozens had been denied entry into the US for a range of factors, which included green card holders who legally reside in the country.

Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban an ‘Overreaction,’ Says Extremism Expert

While Trump said Friday that his new immigration measures were necessary to "ensure we aren't admitting into our country the very threats that our men and women are fighting overseas," the study found that descendants from the very nations included in his immigration ban have not caused a single death on American soil since 9/11.

Reports of Trump’s Hard-Line Immigration Actions Prompt Condemnation

The president’s executive order would satisfy, to some extent, two of his most controversial campaign promises: banning people from Muslim countries from entering the United States and building a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Obama Administration Dismantles Framework of Muslim-Focused Registry

The Obama administration Thursday rescinded the regulatory framework for a widely criticized travel registration system that has been dormant for five years after officials deemed it redundant and ineffective. The decision by the Department of Homeland Security to effectively kill the program—the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS)—came after a wave of civil rights groups petitioned the administration to dismantle it. Critics considered the program discriminatory toward Muslims, since it affected only those coming from 24 predominantly Muslim countries, plus North Korea.

In Trump Meeting, Rep. King Calls for Muslim Surveillance Designed After...

After the Sept, 11, 2001 attacks, the NYPD created a massive surveillance operation—aided by at least one CIA operative—directed at Muslims. It led the police department entrusted with policing the five boroughs to stretch its increasingly growing intelligence apparatus to Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and even parts of Pennsylvania.

Minorities Air Post-election Fears at Long Island Forum

The event, the first of many to come, was in response to accusations that candidate Trump trafficked in hate, misogyny, and Islamophobia to drudge up support from people distrustful or fearful of immigrants.