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Like any political action committee, the group will donate to campaigns of politicians who are willing to publicly support Muslim Americans and promote tolerance. Its long-term goals are more ambitious.

The president said the far majority of Muslims around the world are peace-loving and blamed a small fraction for perverting a religion followed by 1.6 billion people worldwide in order to justify their violence and land grabs that have further destabilized regions in the Middle East and Africa.

“No to bigotry, violence & Islamophobia.”

The Philadelphia Daily News dubbed Trump: "The New Furor."

"I cannot call him an animal, because it would be an insult to animals."

"ISIS is not Islam. Muslims are not violent, barbaric people. This is a small group of criminals and we, by dividing ourselves, are making them big."

“There is nothing Islamic about them, and it’s an illegal state."

"The FBI's job is to protect children of all faiths and backgrounds, not to offer programs that introduce suspicion into their relations with teachers and can lead to stigmatization and bullying by their peers."

“Some people are using whatever they can in order to get attention in the media and to address a very limited group of voters within their party.”

Homeland Security officials in recent days have urged law enforcement to remain vigilant over the holiday weekend.