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"Let's make this very clear and very concise, Legislator Birnbaum is banned from the minority caucus and the Democratic caucus."

Nassau County police identified the two victims who was shot and killed in Hempstead earlier this week as New Cassel men in their 20s. Police...

Democrat Siela Bynoe and Republican Pepitz Blanchard are vying to replace Legis. Robert Troiano (D-Westbury), who stepped down recently.

The three teens allegedly attacked two men with a bat, knife and machete.

One of the three suspects accused of attacking two men with bats, a machete and a knife is still at large.

A group of three men armed with bats, a machete and a knife attacked two men, police said.

The Alzheimer’s patient from Hicksville got lost when he was confronted by the attacker, who left the victim in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

Police said the gunman shot and killed a 31-year-old man over the weekend.

The victim was gunned down Sunday afternoon on State Street.

A second suspect is still wanted for stabbing the 18-year-old victim over the weekend.