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Cuomo Signs Bill That Will Drop NYC Speed Limit to 25...

Another bill was signed into law in June that authorizes 69 school-zone speed cameras in Suffolk County and 56 in Nassau County.

Schumer to FAA: Ban Drones from Drug Dealers, Private Investigators

“New York City has become the wild, Wild West for commercial and hobby drones."

Montauk: New York’s Most Expensive Tourist Destination

It's so expensive it beat New York City by almost $200/night.

#YesAllWomen Demonstrators: Men Are Not Entitled to Women’s Bodies

“I shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable while walking down the streets of my own city."

Vegan Chef Blends Passion With Artistry to Create Healthy Gourmet Cuisine

Jay Astafa, only 20 years old, is a popular vegan chef on Long Island who's looking to open his own restaurant in NYC this year.

The Revolution Will Be Satirized: Comedic Activists Deliver Tough Truths, With...

“We’re in a moment where political satire, political comedy, is more able to provide more criticism than mainstream journalism outlets."

Westbury Contractor Charged With Ripping Off Workers

A Hicksville man who worked as the contractor's manager is among three charged in the case.

A Facebook Page That Will Please The Human (and New Yorker)...

New York City, one street portrait at a time.

People Try and Cheer Up New Yorkers, Most New Yorkers Couldn’t...

You can tell by watching this video that most people are unhappy and/or not high.