Montauk: New York’s Most Expensive Tourist Destination

Montauk is the most expensive tourist destination in New York State, according to a recent survey. (Jaime Franchi/Long Island Press)

Taking a trip to The End? Here’s a short list of items to bring with you: an empty stomach, plenty of suntan lotion, a camera for when you reach the top of the Montauk Lighthouse—or for that much-anticipated Montauk Monster sighting—and most importantly, plenty of cash.

Like a briefcase’s worth.

Montauk is known for many things—the aforementioned lighthouse, the mysterious radar tower that juts above the surrounding forests, its quaint downtown and beautiful beaches—but now the popular hamlet has something else to boast about: It is New York State’s most expensive summer destination.

Montauk’s average nightly rate is estimated at $342, slightly edging out East Hampton, which came in second place at $332, according to NewYorkHotels.org, which conducted a recent survey of the state’s most popular tourist spots.

Two other summer hot spots on Long Island cracking the top 10 are Southampton, in fourth ($295), and Greenport, in fifth ($264).

The survey only took into account lodging. So it’s unclear how other activities—the cost of eating, beaching, drinking—contributes to the overall cost of vacationing in these burn-a-hole-through-your-pocket summer destinations.

Other notable tourist-heavy locations that found their way into the top 20 include: Niagara Falls (seventh), New York City (eighth), Lake George (11th), Lake Placid (19th).

Watertown, a city many Long Islanders may not be familiar with, but is apparently a hoppin’ good time, according to some Press staffers (#tomothy), came in at No. 20.

Here’s the full list:

1. Montauk $342
2. East Hampton $332
3. Saratoga Springs $312
4. Southampton $295
5. Greenport $264
6. Cooperstown $184
7. Niagara Falls $163
8. New York City $153
9. Geneva $143
10. Ithaca $142
11. Lake George $141
12. Buffalo $137
13. Oneonta $136
14. Rochester $134
15. Syracuse $128
16. Alexandria Bay $127
17. Long Island City $116
18. Oswega $103
19. Lake Placid $102
20. Watertown $92