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Port Jefferson Yacht Club Hosts 12th Annual Village Cup Regatta

The 12th annual Village Cup Regatta, a friendly competition between Mather Hospital and the Village of Port Jefferson, sailed with full crews on Saturday.

Ralph Macchio: Still Kicking Cobra Kai

LI's Ralph Macchio reprises iconic Karate Kid role in hit reboot Cobra Kai.

9 Celebrities With An Unmistakable Long Island Accent

They tawk just like us! People know we’re from Long Island as soon as we open our (big) mouths. Without the edginess of Brooklynese, the Long Island accent is as distinctive as it is irritating. I say it’s time we own it. No, we don’t all sound like Amy Fisher. But some of us do. And some of us sound much, much worse. Whatevah.

Ralph Macchio: L.I.’s Karate Kid Stays True To Form With ‘Across...

"The film was born out of my relationship with Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars."