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Running Restaurants During the Pandemic: From NYC to the Hamptons with...

James Mallios, managing partner for Civetta Hospitality, is an entrepreneur and restaurateur who owns a number of local restaurants around New York City and Long Island.

The Future and Potential of the Cannabis Industry in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state bill to legalize marijuana on March 31, and there is an estimated $350 million in annual tax revenues that the bill would bring to New York State.

Kaufman Astoria Studios: 100 Years in the Making With President/CEO Hal...

Both the President/CEO, Hal Rosenbluth and Vice President, Tracy Capune of Kaufman Astoria Studios discuss the evolution of the studios in Astoria along with the surrounding community and their big plans for the future.

Bringing Tourism Back to New York with Fred Dixon, President of...

New York City and particularly Manhattan have lost a lot of residents, let alone tourists. We forget how much NYC relies on tourists until they are no longer around.

Port Authority Executive Director Talks Covid-19’s Impact on Transit

Hear from Rick Cotton, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as he shares his thoughts about the economic impact of Covid-19 on New York and New Jersey transportation as a leader of one of the most important regions in the world.

Yellow Cabs Are in The DNA of New York City, But...

For years, driving a cab and aspiring to own a taxi medallion was a great path for many, including immigrants, to achieve the American dream.