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Is Social Media Harming Our Youth?

Worried about the negative effects of social media on teens? Here’s what to look out for.

I Gave Up Social Media For 30 Days… This Is What...

I gave up social media for 30 days, trading in Facebook updates & Instagram posts for more quality time with my friends, boyfriend & cutesy poochie Nala.

In Defense of Social Media (Eat My Socks, Gary Turk!)

The ultimate goal of our lives is to connect, in the here and now, with others. I believe that social media helps to expedite that connection.

Long Beach was in ‘Communications Darkness’ After Sandy

The city had to rely on a gas-powered copy machine to print out daily flyers to communicate with residents.

Dalai Lama ‘Dead’ Hoax Discredited

The interwebs have announced that the Dalai Lama has died. Which, if you know the interwebs, means that he probably hasn't.