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VIDEO: Experts Discuss Planning for Children with Special Needs in Webinar

Debora Thivierge, founder and executive director of the ELIJA School and the ELIJA Foundation, and Melissa Negrin-Wiener of Cona Elder Law, PLLC spoke on this topic during a webinar titled “Plan for Your Child with Special Needs” hosted on March 3 by Schneps Media, the parent company of the Long Island Press.

Legal Planning For Children With Special Needs

As a child with special needs approaches age 18, families must prepare for continued decision-making for that child and secure legal authority to do so.

Webinar to Offer Advice on Planning for a Child With Special...

Planning for a child with special needs goes beyond scheduling doctor’s appointments. There are many questions in trying to understand the legal challenges presented to parents. 

Expert Tips on Easing Back to Speech Therapy for the School...

Lori Caplan-Colon, a leading speech-language pathologist, shared how kids and parents can work on their speech learning practices this school year.

Report: Foster Care Agencies Failed Suffolk Child Sex Abuse Victims

A Suffolk County grand jury has issued an investigative report blasting the foster care system for failing to protect seven children placed with a man accused of sexually abusing them.