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Whitmore Group CEO James C. Metzger: Giving a ‘Win-win-win’

Metzger spoke with the Press about his philanthropic initiatives and what makes giving so important.

James Metzger: Winning In Sports and Business

He shared his take on technology and other trends impacting the insurance market, what sets the Whitmore Group apart from its rivals, and how sports have played a key role in his youth and career.

For The Whitmore Group’s James Metzger, It All Started With A...

Two years after he’d graduated from Hofstra University as a history major in 1983, All-American athlete James Metzger—the future chairman, CEO and founder of The Whitmore Group, Ltd., in Garden City—was still tending bar in Bethpage when his determination to dress for success finally paid off. His friends had thought he was nuts when he spent the money he’d saved from serving drinks to buy thousand-dollar Brooks Brothers suits, but the last laugh was on them.