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Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe Lab to Receive World Historic Site Designation

The American Physical Society (APS) on Sunday will present a plaque declaring Wardenclyffe in Shoreham a world historic site—which goes a long way to raising awareness of physics, past scientific achievements, and Tesla’s incomparable achievements

Tesla Drivers to Hold ‘Drive-In’ at Tesla’s Lab

The public is invited to the 1 p.m. Saturday presentation on the latest developments to build a Tesla museum in Shoreham.

Tesla Lab Gets Historic Nod from Brookhaven Town

“Nicola Tesla’s legacy is rooted so deeply in Brookhaven Town and it is our obligation to help keep it alive,” said Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine.

Suffolk to Honor Nikola Tesla’s Birthday in July

In Suffolk, July 10 will forever be known as “Nikola Tesla Day."

Staff Picks – October 2013

October's Must-Haves: Dylan's Another Self Portrait, McCall Wines' Pinot Noir, I Shall Not Hate & Tesla

Tesla Science Center Takes Shape in Shoreham

"He was a man of the future,” Tomislav Nikolic, president of the the inventor's native Republic of Serbia, said Monday on Long Island.

Friends of Tesla Face Difficult Next Phase at Wardenclyffe

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe acquired the 16-acre site in Shoreham earlier this month.

Wardenclyffe Site Sale Paves Way for Tesla Science Center

“This is a major milestone in our almost two-decade effort to save this historically and scientifically significant site."