NORAD – Track Santa’s Famous Flight

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Picture 151Track Santa as he takes to the snowy sky and journeys right to your own backyard!

NORAD has tracked Santa’s famous Christmas flight for more than 50 years and finally they are providing internet surveillance so kids at home can track their jolly old friend, Santa Claus. Through NORAD the public can receive updates from the North Pole, visit his village online and track St.Nick using Google Earth.

According to NORAD, Santa’s tracking is available through the following four systems :  Tracking Santa at NORAD uses a radar system called the North Warning System. Consisting of 47 installations strung across the northern border of North America that is monitored continuously for any sign of Santa. From the moment of lift off the second detection system is out into effect. Satellites orbiting thousands of miles from the Earth’s surface detect heat and with Rudolph’s bright red nose passing through, the satellites are able to detect the sleigh. Finally, the third tracking system becomes active. The Santa Cam network, a number of high-tech digital cameras that are only used once a year capture images and videos of Santa and his hoofed crew as they make their journey around the globe. Finally the fourth and last system of fighter jets intercept and welcome Santa to North America where both Canadian and American fighter pilots ride alongside Santa for a safe flight!

Recently, In addition to the NORAD internet Santa tracker, NORAD is offering a phone program to track Santa’s journey through text message updates!

Track Santa by visiting the NORAD Tracks Santa website, www.noradsanta.org.

Photo Credit:NORAD