Threat Level Midnight: ‘Threat Level Midnight’ Premiered on ‘The Office’ Thursday

Threat Level Midnight

threat level midnightIf anyone watched “The Office” last night you witnessed something a little different rather than the ordinary office hysteria.

For avid fans of the show, Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott has been developing an action movie for years that nobody ever thought would come to fruition. But after years of waiting, “Threat Level Midnight,” appeared on Thursday’s episode.

Scott played the main character in the movie, Michael Scarn, a secret agent who is lost ever since his wife died. Scarn was able to get back into the game after receiving a phone call from the President of the United States, who was played by warehouse manager, Darryl Philbin. The rest of his office staff was in the movie with the super salesman, Jim Halpert playing the evil villain Golden Face, Dwight Schrute playing Scarn’s half-human, half-robot butler, and Andy Bernard playing a bar tender with a thick accent. Other members of the office staff played Golden Face’s hostages as he was planning to blow up the NHL All Star Game.

Although the movie was corny at times, the office staff seemed to love “Threat Level Midnight” especially when it was their turn to shine on the small screen. There was some tension at times when the love of Michael Scott’s life, Holly, zoned out during the movie and was the lone member of the staff who wasn’t enjoying the movie.

Some of the most memorable phrases coming out of the secret agent’s mouth was, “clean up on aisle 5,” and “go puck yourself,” referring to his arch nemesis Golden Face.

Everything worked out in the end as Holly returned to watch the rest of the movie after Scott realized the movie isn’t actually very good, and his character, Scarn, got his mojo back after performing his famous dance, “The Scarn.”

Holly and Michael survived their first real fight after confessing their love for each other, the NHL All Star Game was saved, and Michael’s dream of creating a movie came true.