Vinita Nair: ABC News’ Vinita Nair Leaves ‘World News Now’

vinitaNair e12929030879671ABC News’ Vinita Nair announced this morning she will be leaving “World News Now,” a morning news show that she has co-anchored since September 2008.

Nair joined ABC News in 2007 as an anchor and correspondent for ABC News. She also reported for CW in Denver, where she reported on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder that dominated headlines across the country.

Nair was treated to gifts on air.

“If any of you have ever wondered why I’m such a freak between all these shows, this is why,” ABC News reported on its website. “It is the most fun staff in the world, take a look at all of these gifts and you can see why it’s so hard to leave.”

It was reported that Nair will appear an upcoming episode of the soap opera One Life to Live as a doctor in Natalie’s pregnancy storyline.

“I got to be a soap star for a day,” Nair said during a broadcast.

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