Shania Twain Reality Show: Shania Twain Gets New Reality Show, Why Not?


Shania Twain987Country singer Shania Twain is opening up her life for everyone to see in a new reality TV series.

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“Why Not?” will focus on the singer’s life, and her future. The one-hour show will air on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Twain will show off a more personal side of her life on the show, as she recounts her history on the road, going through her first marriage and subsequent divorce with Robert Lange, to her new marriage with Frèdèric Thièbaud.

While much of the show will be focused on Twain, it will also feature appearances by singers such as Lionel Richie and Gladys Knight. They will talk with Shania about her road ahead and how to continue her already impressive singing career.

The announcement of the show also comes amid other big news items for Twain. Twain is about to release her autobiography, entitled “From This Moment On”, and is in talks to potentially be a substitute for Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show at Caesar’s Palace.