President Barack Obama’s NCAA Brackets

It looks like President Obama isn’t kidding when he says he knows basketball.

Obama was 29-3 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. According to ESPN, he was in the 100th percentile when it comes to the teams he picked.

If that’s not impressive enough, Obama went 15-1 on Friday–games that didn’t have the dramatics like Thursday’s games did.

The Georgetown Hoyas loss to Virgina Commonwealth of the Colonial Athletic Conference was the president’s only loss on Friday. The Hoyas suffered a 74-56 defeat and couldn’t stop VCU from 3-point range.

Obama’s bracket could get busted, however, because he picked all number one seeds to make it to the Final Four.

Six million people took place in ESPN’s bracket contest and not one person picked all 32 games correctly.

Now only of the president can bring Republicans and Democrats together like he mastered the second round of the tournament.