Amazon Announces Amazon Cloud

The Amazon cloud player is a new revolutionary tool that allows registered members to save their media storage for free. A cloud securely saves computer data such as pictures and music so that the users can access it anywhere they can access the Internet. Amazon customers can access their music much like SugarSync and Mougg, except the music stored needs to be purchased from Amazon.

According to Computerworld, Amazon’s cloud drive is causing a lot of controversy with companies like Sony who think that Amazon should get a license to allow their users to stream the music they paid for. However, Sony as well as Apple and Google are looking to release their own streaming services.

Amazon’s cloud allows up to 5GB of free storage as opposed to the DropBox which offers only 2GB of storage. According to Amazon, music purchased by users before the cloud service was offered can still be placed in the cloud but newly purchased music can automatically be updated and then downloaded. Unfortunately, music saved on mobile devices cannot be uploaded to Amazon’s cloud just yet.

Amazon’s new cloud software can be accessed for free with the web or as an app on any android phone so for those consumers with iPhone’s there are still other sites that are compatible such as MP3tunes and AudioBox.