Hulu Website April Fools Joke


huluIf you didn’t check out Hulu’s website today, you might want to get on it. Especially if you think the Internet has gone way too far, and you want to go back to the ’90’s when things were a lot simpler.

Hulu’s homepage is totally ’90’s, tricking those who didn’t realize today was April Fools day.

Featured on the homepage is one of the most popular shows back in the day: the “X-Files.”

The whole lay out is totally different as well.

Like watching a TV that’s not in high definition, navigating through Hulu’s website can strain your eyes.

But hey, at least Hulu is creative, and can joke with its fans, without being scared of hurting traffic.

And for youngsters who have no idea what it was like in the ’90’s, you can just click the “Hulu Plus” link and it will bring you back to the present.