Dukan Diet: Dukan Diet Atkins Part Deux?


protein richJust when all the crazy high-protein diet trends seemed to have died down in favor of whole grains and balanced meals, the Dukan Diet is gaining steam. Essentially, the French form of the Atkins Diet with modifications, the Dukan Diet is reportedly what princess-to-be Kate Middleton is following before her wedding.

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The royal wedding is only two weeks away and Middleton is reportedly following the high-protein, low-fat Dukan Diet to stay in shape.

The Dukan Diet involves drinking large quantities of water and high fiber. Some weeks, the Dukan plan allows you vegetables, some weeks it allows you wine and sweets. And the Dukan plan only involves 20 minutes of exercise per day.

The diet allows you a list of certain foods and will take you through four phases: Attack (rapid weight loss), Cruise (add 28 allowed vegetables), Consolidation (reintroduction of banned foods), and Stabilization (add oat bran, eat normally other than one protein day per week to maintain).

But for the most part no fruit is allowed on the Dukan Diet and many health experts claim the diet is just not good for you or even necessary, saying it is much simpler and easier to lose weight using portion control and exercise.

Hmm…a diet that bans fruit and OKs large quantities of meat? Sounds like a brilliant idea.

We’d have to agree with the health experts on this one.

Keep the steak, and pass the strawberries please.