SiriusXM Channel Update Starts Wednesday

For those SiriusXM subscribers who woke up Wednesday morning, turned on their satellite radio, and were unable to find their favorite radio host, it’s because SiriusXM changed many of its channels.

For the past week SiriusXM has been promoting its new channel lineup so listeners wouldn’t go into a panic once the change occurred.

“This re-organization will make it simpler to navigate through the lineup so you’ll spend less time searching and more time listening to what you like the most,” SiriusXM said in a statement.

For the entire list of channel changes click here

After the merger of Sirius and XM in 2008, subscribers were finally able to listen to programming from the other service. For example: fans of Howard Stern who owned an XM radio were able to sign up for the “Best of Sirius” to get their Stern fix.

“We’re making many of the channel numbers consistent whether you have a Sirius or an XM radio,” the satellite radio company said in a statement. “That’s great news for our listeners — especially those with both Sirius and XM radios. Now customers will only have to remember a single channel number for their favorite programming.”

On Wednesday morning, the new channel lineup should have updated automatically once subscribers turned on their radio.

SiriusXM now has over 20 million paid subscribers according to the company’s first quarter 2011 results that they released on its website.

The PDF version of the channel changes is also available

“Consumers are buying cars again and demand for our product is strong,” Mel Karmazin, Chief Executive Officer of SiriusXM, said in a statement.

As for some of the popular channels, Howard Stern is still on channel 100 and 101 and the music channels from the 40’s to the 90’s remain the same. SiriusXM Hits 1, however, moves to channel 2, and E Street Radio–the channel dedicated to all things Bruce Springsteen–moves to channel 20.

The all hip-hop channel, Hip-Hop Nation moves to channel 44, and The Heat moves to channel 47, but Eminem’s Shade 45, remains at the channel that’s in its name.