Lady Gaga Penis Shoes On American Idol [Picture]

Photo: TMZ.com

Well this gives a whole new definition to the penis pump. Sorry, we just had to get that out, back to the topic at hand…Lady Gaga made an appearance on American Idol Wednesday night, and while many figured she might tone things down a bit, she did the opposite. Gaga wore shoes with clear plastic penis heels and the folks at American Idol censored them with a little blue American Idol logo on the screen.

Lady Gaga was a guest mentor on American Idol last night and while we would have been jumping up and down and taking every piece of advice from a woman who has had eight number one songs since her debut, the Idol contestants didn’t seem too excited. And some seemed a little bit scared, maybe even terrified.

Gaga, sporting a giant fake mole…or “surreal” mole as she likes to call it…and explicit shoes created by British fashion label Void of Course, mentored the final four contestants, including deep-voiced country boy Scotty McCreery, who kissed his cross pendant after his meeting with Gaga. Gaga had told him to keep his mouth close to the microphone and to treat the mic like it was his girlfriend begging him to stick his tongue down her throat.

“Everybody has their way of giving advice and getting their point across,” Scotty said. ” She just has a very unique way.”

Gaga then walked over to James Durbin and put her hands on his hips to get him to move. Durbin later called the moment “awkward.”

Lauren Alaina had issues with singing the word “evil” but Gaga got her past that.

The final four–Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery sang songs by Leiber & Stoller. Next week the final three will make visits to their hometowns. But before next week, one of them is going home.

Watch video of the Scotty/Gaga encounter below: