Lady Gaga Good Morning America Video: Gaga Ziplines in Central Park

Photo: ABC

Just when we thought Lady Gaga couldn’t make a bigger entrance, or do something any more shocking on stage, she ziplines over the crowd through Central Park to open the Good Morning America SummerStage Concert Series on Friday morning.

Fresh off her stage cliff dive on American Idol Wednesday night, Gaga returned to New York City minus the egg singing Bad Romance, only no one could find her at first. The stage was filled with dancers and Gaga was definitely singing live but where exactly was she?

She was up in a makeshift tree house in full costume, with a harness on, a mic in one hand and the zipline in the other getting ready to fly…in heels… over the thousands of fans who have been camping in Central Park for days just to see her.

Gaga performed Bad Romance, Born This Way, Judas and Edge of Glory.

Gaga answered audience questions like what her favorite food was that her parents make her to which she answered that she had no choice in the matter, her family is Italian, therefore the minute she walks through the door she is told to eat, no matter what it is. Another fan asked her what the most bizarre fan request was that she has gotten so far. Gaga said there could never be a request that is too bizarre for her to fulfill, within reason.

Gaga also said her latest single, Edge of Glory, was written for her grandfather who passed away months ago.

She told the audience that she grew up five blocks away from Central Park and used to come there to play as a child. She also said she hoped one day to be able to fill the park with a crowd the way other singers had in the past.

And it looks like Gaga’s wish came true. She broke the record for largest turnout for the Good Morning America SummerStage series.

Gaga just wrapped up her Monster Ball tour on May 6 in Mexico and was recently named the most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes Magazine, beating out Oprah Winfrey for the top spot.

Gaga also appeared on an MTV special Thursday night called Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside where she discussed her childhood and teen years.

Watch the video of Lady Gaga ziplining through Central Park below.