Report: ‘Fear Factor’ Returning to NBC

A scene from a previous season of ‘Fear Factor’ (photo: NBC)
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A scene from a previous season of 'Fear Factor' (photo: NBC)

Get ready for a delicious slice of pizza topped with rancid cheese, worms and fish eyes washed down with a cup of cow eye juice. That’s right, Fear Factor is coming back to NBC. Although the disgustingly intriguing show will return to the network, its original host, Joe Rogan, will not, according to TheWrap.

The show has been on a five-year hiatus that ran from 2001 to 2006. The six seasons generated 145 episodes according to IMDb. Contestants coming from all over the country, including celebrities, compete to win a 50,000 prize. The winner must face challenges that test their biggest fears.

The show as well as the contestants were instructed and monitored by professional stunt coordinators as they completed bizarre and intellectually complex challenges.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the shows revival will bring about new changes to the way it was normally run. The show will steer clear of the “gross” stigma that it was originally known for.

The network has not released the name of the intended new host of the show. During its run, the show garnered 12.5 million viewers during its 6 year run and became the first syndicated reality series.

The show was a classic hit that had audiences covering their eyes but unable to change the channel. According to EW.com, the network has been mulling over the idea of reinstating the show after “Fear Factor” reruns had remarkably high ratings.

According to complex.com, the NBC wants to take the show to another level with applying new techniques to stunts and camera work even with the softening of the disgusting type of challenges.

The network has been very lucky with hit shows such as “The Biggest Loser” and “The Voice” keeping up their presence in the genre of reality TV.

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