It’s a Girl! Baby Harbor Seal Born at Atlantis Marine World

New baby, Calypso, bonds with mom, Buoy! (Atlantis Marine World, Riverhead)

Congratulations to third-time harbor seal mom, Buoy! On Memorial Day shortly before midnight, Buoy gave birth to a female pup weighing 22 lbs. named Calypso at Atlantis Marine World Aquarium in Riverhead. Both mom and baby are doing well, and are together bonding as a family.

Director of Mammal Training, Ann Yaiullo, is encouraged by the care given by mother, Buoy.

“The baby is healthy and we’re encouraged that mother and baby are adapting well. This should be a lot of fun for visitors to watch this summer.”

Mating season occurs annually, generally in late spring through fall. Total gestation is about 9 to 11 months, which includes a period of delayed implantation when the fertilized egg stops growing and remains free-floating in the uterus for one-and-a-half to three months. The fertilized egg then implants on the uterine wall and continues to develop. Delayed implantation assures that the ensuing pup will be born when environmental conditions are optimal for its survival.

Pups are well-developed at birth. Their eyes are open and they follow their mothers, learning to swim right away. Seal pups undergo a nursing period of about four weeks. The average pup will double its birth weight to approximately 50 pounds by the time it is weaned. At maturity, females can top 200 lbs. and can live up to 30 years.