24 Hours of Le Mans: Two Crashes

There were two major crashes for Audi during a long day of racing at 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

During the first hour of the race, Allan McNish, collided into a Ferrari and slid off the track and crashed into a pile of tires. Remarkably, the driver was able to get out of the car and was taken to the hospital.

McNish skidded off the track and his car went into the air for a few seconds as he slammed into the barrier. His car spun in the air as debris landed on the dirt.

Later in the race, defending champion Mike Rockenfeller was in second when he tried to pass a Ferrari. Rockenfeller hit the Ferrari and skid off the track and slammed into the guardrail.

A safety car had to come in so the debris could be cleared off the track.

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