Harry and Pippa Next Royal Couple?

Associated Press
Associated Press

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are rumored to be forming a budding romance.

After the royal wedding, the two have quickly become the U.K.’s second most talked about couple next to their siblings and both have recently become single.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry and Pippa have been on the tip of everyone’s tongues since their playful interaction on Buckingham Palace’s balcony at the Royal Wedding. As the two laughed and joked with one another an apparent connection between the two was quickly picked up by thousands. It’s rumored that after the wedding, the pair has met up several times and have even developed nicknames for one another.

Pippa is rumored to call Prince Harry “Captain,” regarding his rank in the military. Meanwhile Harry supposedly calls Pippa “Commando,” referencing rumors that she was not wearing underwear at the Royal Wedding. Harry is said to have ended him best man’s speech at the royal wedding stating “Pippa, call me.”

An insider with the royal family says the couple has been helping one another through their recent break-ups. They supposedly speak on the telephone quite often and have hung out at least 5 times since the wedding. One outing together occurred at Harry’s Clarence House apartments. Pippa is said to think Harry has “a really cheeky sense of humor.”

Recently, the two have gone much more public with their friendship. The pair showed up at The Troubadour in Chelsea where they had a private conversation for about 2 hours. Although millions would love to see the pair hook up, sources say they are friends more than anything else, as both have experienced a recent breakup.

If Harry is interested in Pippa though, he shouldn’t hesitate to make a move as several of Pippa’s exes are rumored to be edging their way back into her life. George Percy, one of Pippa’s exes, accompanied Pippa and her friends to Madrid shortly after the wedding and has also offered her a job at his firm. Other men on the prowl for Pippa include singer James Blunt, as well as Prince William’s close friend Charlie Gilkes.

Pippa has her pick, will Harry make his move? We will have to wait to see.

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