FTC Investigating Google

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Google confirmed that the Federal Trade Commission has begun an investigation into their business practices. Although it is unknown what the FTC is looking for, the company said that they will comply with their demands and will work with them to answer any questions they may have about their services.

The major company, hit the internet in 1998, and is known for their own search engine as well as numerous technology devices such as Google Chome, Chromebooks, and Android. .

Their recent invention of Chromebooks allows users to only use the web. There is only a browser and their files are held in the Google Cloud and they can use several thousand other apps from apps from business, education, or health.

The FTC challenges the company and will begin issuing subpoenas due to the notion that they are unfairly promoting their services outside the realm of searching explains PCWorld.

However, Google claims that although their search site is very popular other sites are only a click away and internet users have the choice to use Google or not.

Competitors have been attempting to get the FTC to look into Google for over a year and Europe has already been pursuing their antitrust probe against them.

They claim they are burying certain sites and when users search certain topics like travel or shopping the first items that come up are ads chosen by Google. Only mainstream sites like Orbitz and Travelocity make the top picks while other smaller companies are buried.

The five person panel that will investigate the business will begin handing out subpoenas in the next couple of days.