Jim Morrison : 67 Today


Jim MorrisonsingingIf Jim Morrison were still alive, he would be 67 today and probably would still be rocking out.

Today we remember The Doors front man on the 40th anniversary of his death.

The rockstar was found in a Paris bathtub where the coroner ruled his death a heart attack, but was widely recognized as an apparent heroine overdose, reported The Stir. Due to French law, no autopsy was performed because the medical examiner found no evidence of foul play. It was later revealed that he was doing heroine at the time of his death.

Morrison was buried in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris with “True to his own spirit” engraved on his Paris tombstone.

A far way from where he started. Morrison was born in Florida. He would become the lyricist and lead singer for the famous band The Doors. He would also be ranked #47 on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” and be recognized as a rock music pioneer.

During his years as the band’s frontman, Morrison definitely played the role of a rockstar, and better defined it as the role of a bad boy. He was frequently showing up late for live performances and one time he even attempted to spark a riot in the audience and was rumored to have exposed himself during that night. Morrison was also known to be a lady’s man and was known to have flings with fans and celebrities alike. At his death, there were allegedly almost 20 paternity actions against him.

Following “Morrison Hotel” The Doors released, in 1970, recorded their last album with Morrison called “L.A. Woman.”